Hi there, welcome to my blog! It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Sam. Whatever has brought you here, I’m so glad.

I live in Sydney, Australia, in particular, the notorious Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.


It’s taken me a while, but here I am, finally, in the Blog universe. I have so much to say and finally somewhere to say it. Perhaps people will see it, perhaps they won’t. But if you’re here reading anything I’ve written or looking at the photos I’ve taken, or if you’re here supporting me in any way – thank you.

There are a lot of things I want to do in my life, and I feel like this is the first step towards achieving some of those things.

If theres one thing you should know about me. It’s that I love my dogs. Like obsessively. And I ain’t sorry!


I have so many things I want to share so come, enjoy the show.